Letters to the Editor

Sanders is the superior Democrat

Hillary Clinton’s problem is her corporate ties are at war with her policy stances.

Clinton also has a long record of smearing opponents. Recently she misrepresented Bernie Sanders as a “single issue” candidate because he focuses on the economy.

Sanders is not a single-issue candidate. He just realizes the economy is driving the other issues, and that corporate money, where Clinton gets most of her funding, is responsible for social and environmental degradation. Sanders’ campaign is therefore not single issue. In fact, unlike Clinton’s, his policy stances are comprehensive and coherent.

Ironically, Clinton doesn’t realize that taking corporate money undercuts her policy positions.

In a normal election year, she would get away with taking donations from Goldman Sachs and Raytheon because people just wouldn’t be paying close attention.

But this is hardly a normal election year, and voters are paying attention, especially young voters. In Sanders, younger voters understand they have an opportunity to start on a bold, new course toward a real democracy supporting people and the environment.

Young voters are convincing older voters that the same old same old, dirty politics as usual isn’t sustainable and that we need Sanders’ new vision.

Chip Ashley, Tollhouse