Letters to the Editor

Does Trump remind you of Hitler?

Congratulations to Troy Pope, editor-in-chief of Fresno State’s student newspaper, The Collegian. He has grabbed attention for both himself and his publication by printing that Trump’s past railings against Muslims and Mexicans has made Trump popular and hence dangerous. Mr. Pope goes on to say “That’s no different than Hitler rallying the German people against the Jews.”

I know those pesky Jews deserved what they got because of all that heroin smuggling and beheading of German journalists and Christians they did, right? Well, stand in line, Mr. Pope. The Washington Post beat you by a day when it published an opinion piece by a Harvard professor making the Trump/Hitler comparison.

Socrates said it best, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” May I offer another alternative and compare Trump to Winston Churchill, who loved his country as does Trump? I know, not fair, because Trump doesn’t smoke cigarettes or drink. Sorry.

W.A. Combs, Fresno