Letters to the Editor

Apple is right to stand up to FBI

The conflict between the FBI and Apple reminds me of cops who want to get into a suspect’s apartment. The cops want to get at the evidence. The manager wants to see a warrant. They show it, and he lets them in with his passkey. The manager does not, however, give the cops the keys to all the other apartments.

That’s what it feels like the FBI wants: a tool that they can use to access all the other apartments, or in this case, phones, and Apple is right in its foot-dragging. Nobody needs the FBI poking around in their phones. They had their chance with the Cloud, and the company the terrorist worked for blew it by changing the password.

It’s the equivalent of a kitchen fire breaking out in the apartment: “Sorry, but whatever evidence you needed is gone.”

The FBI needs to back off, admit that whatever evidence they might have acquired is gone, and move on. Once a back door to Apple phones is made, it’ll get out. And what’s to stop a dishonest law-enforcement officer from loading someone’s phone with incriminating and damaging stuff?

Jeff Brotnov, Fresno