Letters to the Editor

I’m not crazy, and I’m voting for Sanders

In his letter (Feb. 20) Jess Sanchez Barroso calls people “crazies” for not supporting Hillary Clinton. I won’t vote for her because she represents the worse of any politician. She panders, and it’s obvious by the way she has co-opted the Bernie Sanders’ positions she sees are popular,

Her defense of her Wall Street contributors and her outright lies about Sanders’ positions are so shameless and disgusting I don’t see how anyone, no matter their fear of change or a complete Republican takeover, can support her.

An example is in Mr. Barroso’s letter as he indicates Bernie is offering free medical care. Medicare for all will save money by shutting out the private insurance industry, but never has Sanders indicated it would be free.

Maybe Mr. Barroso should do a little research before he calls those who don’t share his love of the Democrats’ establishment candidate crazy. I’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils since 1976, but I’m finished doing that. I’m not advocating it for anyone.

Everyone must vote their conscience, and I’m following mine if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination. Be assured that I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

Steve Schmale, Fresno