Letters to the Editor

Dress code cuts classroom distactions

Most school dress codes are established to maintain some semblance of decorum in the dress of children.

It makes no sense to have children come to school in pajamas, baggy pants and short shorts, or having young boys walking around campus with their pants dragging way below their waistline (likewise with long hair or adornments on their face, ears and arms).

Clearly, anyone can learn reagrdless of what they are wearing or how their hair might be cut, but the fact remains that they may become a distraction, a disturbance or even an annoyance in the classroom.

The function of the school is to take care of the children, instruct them and prepare them for adult life. After 12 years in school, those children can well do as they please in the privacy of their own home and their neighborhoods.

Attention, discipline and respect are necessary components to any learning environment. Students have enough disruptions. Learning to show respect for themselves, as well as for others, includes dressing appropriately for school.

Rodolfo G. Serrano, retired high school teacher, Clovis