Letters to the Editor

America must come to its senses

Michael DeLollis’s economic history lesson conveniently cherry picks the data (letter Feb. 18).

Data from the treasury department since 1900 shows that when Republicans were in office, the national debt increase was 401.8 percent; with Democrats, it increased by 1,945.7 percent. When President Obama’s term mercifully ends, the percentage will be even higher.

One can argue who is at fault at any time in history, but there was no governmental financial regulation of any type prior to the Great Depression.

Debt increased during President Reagan – Democrats controlled the House every year he was in office. Tax cuts expanded the economy exponentially. We rebuilt our military, and the Soviets imploded, freeing Eastern Europe.

President Clinton dismantled our military calling it a peace dividend. President George W. Bush rebuilt the military causing a debt increase. Tax cuts grew the economy.

Finally with Obama, national debt has increased as much as the military build up during the Bush years, but we have nothing to show for it. The most people out of jobs since the 1920-30s, a once again stripped military and higher taxes. Even the poor are worse off.

I fervently pray America will come to its senses before there is nothing left to save.

George Whitman, Fresno