Letters to the Editor

May Scalia ever haunt your dreams

For the last seven years, the GOP has been (figuratively) marching on the White House, waving rhetorical torches and pitchforks, determined to drive out the “illegal and un-Constitutional” inhabitant within.

Now, President Obama has declared his intention to carry out his sworn duty by nominating a new Supreme Court Justice, as is proper.

I find it stunningly ironic that, in rejecting so much as a discussion regarding the replacement of a man whose judicial philosophy was based on a strictly “textual” interpretation of this country’s founding document, so many Republican senators (whether seeking the Oval Office or not) are gladly willing to ignore their own obligations, so clearly defined by that same document.

May the ghost of Justice Antonin Scalia inhabit their nightmares in perpetuity.

Dean Christensen, Fresno