Letters to the Editor

Bullets cannot win a war of ideas

About the Paris terrorist attack. This is a time where everyone needs to take a big breath, step back, get a grip and not just make a knee-jerk reaction.

Today’s news is that France just bombed the heck of what they believe to be ISIS strongholds. Just killing a terrorist is not going to solve the problem. That is the mentality Old West and Western TV shows, where the sheriff saves the day by killing all the bad guys, blows the smoke from his pistol and that’s the end of story.

This is a war of ideas. You cannot defeat ideas with bullets. The battle is won by showing an example to the world that there is a better alternative than ISIS. ISIS and other terrorist organizations have this image of the West as imperialistic aggressors. The retaliatory bombings following the terrorist attacks merely validate that image.

James Kalomiris, Fresno