Letters to the Editor

There’s tyranny aplenty

For all the “well-armed citizenry” protecting our freedom from government tyranny, I have to ask, when are you going to start?

When Reagan instituted tax cuts that tripled the deficit and ran up government debt, wasn’t that enough tyranny for you? When Clinton initiated outsourcing, enabling and subsidizing multinational corporations to exploit near-slave labor in developing nations instead of paying an honest wage to American workers, didn’t that cross your tyranny threshold?

When Cheney and Bush used the NSA to institute flagrantly, unabashedly unconstitutional surveillance on American citizens, I didn’t see you guys pulling out your side-arms. Were you protecting the constitutionally guaranteed right to assembly and redress of grievances against armed police in Ferguson, Missouri, or Baltimore, Maryland?

Isn’t it tyranny to shut down the government preventing citizens from receiving their Social Security payments, or throw up barriers to constitutionally guaranteed privacy in health care of women?

In a country where the largest banks, addicted to gambling with taxpayer insured deposits, can socialize their losses, but workers in Texas can’t get compensation insurance for on-the-job injuries, what is left to tyrannize?

Denesse Willey, Madera