Letters to the Editor

‘Guide to the Genuinely Homeless’

The Rev. Larry Arce (Oct. 30) makes a distinction between “vagrants” and the “genuinely homeless.” Writes Rev. Arce: “Vagrants … scam well-intentioned and gullible people who have sympathetic hearts but lack discernment as to who is truly needy. … Any solution [to homelessness] must be preceded by first determining who sincerely wants help in turning their lives around.”

OK. It is now incumbent on Rev. Arce to use his long-developed and honed discernment to inform the rest of us how exactly to discern “vagrants” from “the genuinely homeless.” Is there a “Guide to the Genuinely Homeless” like there’s a “Guide to North American Birds” that we can use to determine to whom to give out of our compassionate hearts?

Wendell Stephenson, Fresno