Letters to the Editor

Stop the tipping madness

If I may add to Lena Garcia’s letter (Oct. 30) regarding the unfairness of tipping restaurant servers: You and I share a table at a steakhouse and ask for separate tabs. I order a steak ($39.95) and two beers ($15). You order a hamburger ($12.95) and two iced teas ($3). At 20%, my gratuity is $11; yours is $3.20 for the same service from the same server.

What does the price of the food have to do with it? Tips (to ensure prompt service) were originally a reward for above-average service. They have somehow evolved into being part of your bill, often times included in your bill. And didn’t it used to be 15%?

Restaurant owners: Pay your waiters and waitresses a reasonable wage, stop the tips and stop the madness.

Dennis Williams, Fresno