Letters to the Editor

Don’t arm our teachers

I read recently that a woman in a Texas doctor’s office while taking something out of her purse dropped a concealed gun that discharged. The bullet went through the wall and wounded a patient in another waiting room. Could this happen in a school room?

After Sandy Hook, it’s time for a serious debate. And it’s devastating hearing after each of these school-shooting tragedies, “We know it will happen again.” These ongoing “senseless deaths” must be stopped without the need for our teachers to carry concealed guns.

High capacity magazines and some semi-automatic weapons were banned in the Clinton era until 2004. Surely, reinstating that ban would be a step in the right direction. I believe, everyone including gun owners, could agree for everyone’s safety on just four issues. Keep your guns, but:

▪ Require universal background checks for all gun sales.

▪ Pass a stronger assault-weapons ban.

▪ Limit the size of ammunition magazines.

▪ Ban civilian possession of armor-piercing bullets.

Betty Sempadian, Fresno