Letters to the Editor

Poverty deserves more than pep talk

Mayor Ashley Swearengin says Fresnans need to believe in themselves and their city to help make poverty go away.

We do believe in ourselves, but does the city believe in all of us?

If our leaders were truly interested in the health of Fresno, then they would promote policies that benefit all of our residents. Poverty is concentrated in south and central Fresno. In the past few years, the city has made some investments in these areas, but the investments were highly selective. There was no real plan, and now the mayor says hope will make the hurt go away.

It won’t, and thousands of residents know this. That’s why we’re taking action. We will keep demanding that our schools help our students achieve. We will fight for healthier neighborhoods that include more safe parks and affordable housing. We will continue to advocate for health care for all. And we will support our young people of color.

Lilia Becerril, Fresno