Letters to the Editor

Congressmen are peacemakers

My family would like to thank the four central California Congressmen – Jim Costa, Jeff Denham, Devin Nunes and David Valadao – for joining 85 of their colleagues in co-signing the bi-partisan Royce-Engel Congressional Letter on Karabakh Peace, aimed at saving lives and averting another war in the Caucasus region. The substance of the letter supports concrete pro-peace measures to deescalate aggression along the borders between Armenia, Karabakh and Azerbaijan.

Proof of the timeliness of the letter came just this week. As peace negotiators, including U.S. Ambassador JamesWarlick, were crossing the line of contact from Karabakh to Azerbaijan, they were fired upon by Azerbaijani soldiers and had to take cover for dear life. We need to remove snipers from the border, get more cease-fire monitors and a gun-locator system that can tell observers exactly who is breaking the cease fire. That’s exactly what the Royce-Engel letter calls for and why the leadership of our local representatives is so much appreciated.

Avo Manoukian, Fresno