Letters to the Editor

Fresno Unified is improving

As a product of Fresno Unified School District, a parent and grandparent of Fresno Unified students, and as a business owner in Fresno for 45 years with intimate knowledge of the labor market, I am very encouraged to see the improvements in student achievement since the current administration has been in place.

Any employer will tell you there is a gap between what we need in employees and what we can get in this market. This is a community issue, not just an educational issue.

For employers, it is encouraging to see the considerable increases in academic achievement and graduation rates in Fresno Unified. As taxpayers, it is encouraging to see the marked improvement in the fiscal condition as well. The Fresno Unified team – from the superintendent and other administrators to the teachers, school aides and classified staff – has made this all happen.

Recent events at Fresno Unified should be investigated fully and determinations need to be made, but we need to keep a laser focus on how our kids our doing.

Kathy Bray, Fresno