Letters to the Editor

More bad apples than bad police

In her letter, Linda Marie (“Police escalate race tensions,” Oct. 23) talks about how little training new law enforcement recruits get before they are out on the street. I’m sure they have more training than the 18- and 19-year-olds had who were sent to Vietnam.

She goes on to say, “I so get it; I’m frightened for you?” My guess is if she did get pulled over by the police, she would comply with what they asked of her. She wouldn’t run; she wouldn’t reach in her pocket or waistband; she wouldn’t have a fake gun made to look real and, if they asked her once to put her hands up, I’m sure she would.

When people are approached by the police and don’t comply with simple instructions, what happens after that is on them.

I support law enforcement 100 percent. Yes, I know there are some “bad apples” but there are way more “bad guys/gals” out there than bad law enforcement officers.

Lori Miller, Clovis