Letters to the Editor

Grossi’s reporting will be missed

Upon reading of Mark Grossi’s retirement from The Fresno Bee (Earth Log: After 40 years of journalism, an October sunset Oct. 20, 2015), I wanted to offer my congratulations to him and acknowledge his journalistic excellence over the years that has earned him the respect as one of the top environmental reporters in the country.

While I have only come to know Mark personally in the past few months, his reputation as a hardworking, fair and accurate reporter has been well established. On behalf of the California almond industry, and the Almond Board of California, I want to thank him for fostering discussion of the challenges and opportunities that have confronted California agriculture, as well as communicating the reality of progress that has been made against often daunting problems.

His dedication to the craft of journalism will be sorely missed and his large body of knowledge about agriculture and the environment will be difficult to replace. I wish him the best as he leaves daily newspaper reporting and look forward to seeing, as he promises, his writing in other places in one way or another for many years to come.

Richard Waycott, CEO, Almond Board of California