Letters to the Editor

Krauthammer ignores Iraq facts

Bee columnist Charles Krauthammer, in his criticism of President Obama’s dealing with the chaos in the Middle East, follows in the footsteps of Victor Davis Hanson and others in asserting that President Obama totally abandoned Iraq.

Does he think we are all that ignorant?

I’m sure he knows that the agreement to pull forces from Iraq at the end of 2011 was engineered by President Bush before he left office. A small force would have been left in the country if the Iraqi government had agreed that U.S. forces who were accused of wrongdoing would be dealt with by the U.S. military, not Iraqi courts (status of forces agreement). The Iraqi government refused, setting up a complete withdrawal.

President Obama also tried to convince Iraq to agree to a status of forces agreement as a condition to leaving some troops. Again, Iraq refused.

I’d like to know if Mr. Krauthammer thinks we should have left U.S. troops in Iraq who would have been at the mercy of the Iraqi justice system. Had President Obama done that, would there have been any criticism by Mr. Krauthammer and his ilk?

Curtis Sisk Sr., Madera