Letters to the Editor

No more racist mascots for California

Thank you for taking a principled stand on the “Redskins” mascot issue.

The Bee has published articles and letters about this issue for many years, providing a true public forum for our community to hear all sides and arguments. The “Our View” editorial of Oct. 20 reviewed these arguments succinctly and fairly, and then made a compelling appeal to the community to reject this racist mascot, once and for all.

While I wish The Bee had arrived at this conclusion much sooner, I support and congratulate the editorial board in its decision for basic human dignity. I hope that members of the community will similarly respect Assembly Bill 30 and approve non-racist mascots for all of our public schools, then move on to other urgent issues.

As The Bee said, much more remains to be done to end racist mascots, particularly in the National Football League, but California is leading the way. Of that, I am proud.

Mike Khus, Fresno