Letters to the Editor

Proud cities build on their past

It appears Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s misguided scheme to revitalize the Fulton Mall by destroying it has turned out to be a more challenging endeavor than expected.

Perhaps the shockingly high bids will provide an opportunity to rethink the whole concept. Imagine how far the same investment would go toward improving the adjacent alleys and providing one-way traffic with access, visibility and parking for businesses along the mall, while still maintaining the art, beauty and much needed serenity that the mall provides for those of us who sincerely appreciate it.

Those who still believe the myth that downtown green pedestrian malls have failed should visit Main Street in Riverside. Yet Riverside has nothing that Fresno lacks, outside of a little creative imagination on the part of its leaders. And those who believe that destruction of cultural and historic resources is necessary for revitalization have no farther than the pathetic remains of downtown Fresno to bear witness.

Proud cities do not bury their past. They build on it.

George Bursik, Fresno