Letters to the Editor

The answer is more water

Regarding Gerald H. Meral’s commentary, “Place some limits on new pumping till drought ends,” (Oct. 25):

Water experts like Mr. Meral find solutions only in taking away water needed for drinking and to grow our nation’s food, never by offering more.

Mr. Meral’s blinders may stem from long stints at the Planning and Conservation League and the Environmental Defense Fund. Perhaps they’re from his present affiliation with the Natural Heritage Institute.

Mr. Meral also was deputy director of the California Department of Water Resources from 1975 to 1983, the exact moment when our state stopped new facility construction at its water projects — new dams, reservoirs, aqueducts and pumping facilities.

New surface-water-storage facilities, more water for irrigation and more domestic drinking water supplies obviate his immoral proscription.

Increased water supplies are the elegant answer to his reductive thinking and calls for greater government control of our water and people’s lives.

Aubrey Bettencourt, Hanford