Letters to the Editor

No way for students to catch up

It is sad that 98 percent of Fresno Unified’s students are not ready for college (“Assessment: 2% of Fresno Unified students college ready,” Oct. 20). What needs to be realized is that too many of our students can’t go to college due to circumstances like poverty. Helping out the family now will always beat going to college. Poor grades seem to occur when there is no hope of going on.

As a teacher, I feel like Common Core has made things worse. Not that Common Core is bad, but our area’s situation was not ideal to begin with. Injecting what seems like a random curriculum on all was not going to end well.

That said, why do we bother testing when students get promoted anyway? Students are placed into classes that they might not be ready for, struggle, then fail various tests up to and including the new Common Core tests. The results come in late when there is no time to address issues. But nearly all move on. We need to place our students in a position to learn from the start of the year, not perpetually try to fix things later.

Russell Trainer, Madera