Letters to the Editor

United behind Sanders

We read with dismay the misleading article “Local Sanders Backers Go It Alone” (Oct. 17). The author implies a split among Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters in Fresno.

The Sanders candidacy results from a groundswell of grassroots support spearheaded by Progressive Democrats of America, who encouraged him to run and place the peoples’ issues he has advocated for nearly 40 years, on the presidential platform.

The decentralized campaign is spreading through support from individuals and various groups that are coming together in organized and private gatherings for streaming events with partners and like-minded groups wherever convenient.

This election is about whether our government can still be of, by and for the people, or corporate interests – not about Democrats or Republicans and who sits with whom during the debates.

At a time when billionaires are plotting to take food away from pregnant women and babies, and to cut Medicare for seniors and the disabled, the press has far more important things to focus on than creating the perception of meaningless divisions among Democrats.

This is about a political revolution, not a political soap opera.

Yezdyar Kaoosji, Fresno For Bernie

Judy Hess, Progressive Democrats of America

Ernie Gonzalez, California Nurses Association, Fresno