Letters to the Editor

Build a downtown park

I ride a bicycle around the old heart of Fresno, and have done so for many years. I am pleased to see the new housing units that have gone up between the Fulton Mall and Divisadero Street. It pleases me to imagine, with the passage of time, that the old heart of Fresno will beat with life again. But why would anyone with children, or the hope of having children, live downtown when there isn’t a park?

There is a strip of nearly vacant land between H Street and the Union Pacific railroad tracks from Tuolumne Street to Divisadero. I am sure the mayor and other business interests already have other plans for the site, but there could be no better use, now and for generations to come, than a carefully designed walking park. Passengers entering and leaving Fresno on the proposed high-speed trains would know Fresno as the beautiful highlight of their travel while parents and toddlers have a place they can walk to and enjoy.

If that land is not turned into a park, there will be no chance of once again having a heart of the city, a place where families want to live and stay.

Eric Parsons, Fresno