Letters to the Editor

Vote again on high-speed rail

On Oct. 12, Meghan McCarty (SoCal Public Radio 89.3 KPPC) reported in part that the regional Southern California rail service called MetroLink is doubling down on discounted fares as a tactic to reverse flagging ridership. She further stated that the Southern California Metro Link rail system has lost nearly 10 percent of its ridership since 2008.

In order to offset the losses, Metro Link spokesman Scott Johnson said the system is going to give a “permanent 25 percent student and youth discount … to look for that sweet spot to both increase the ridership and increase the revenue.”

This leads me to the following questions: If this taxpayer subsidized rail system is failing before our eyes, why is Gov. Brown still pushing the high-speed rail boondoggle? Could it be that the governor has come to use the logic of legacy seeking bureaucrats who argue that you should not confuse them with the facts because they’ve made up their minds?

Let’s have a mulligan on this HSR fiasco. Put it back on the ballot and allow the people who are going to have to pay for it decide!

Carl Pederson, Fresno