Letters to the Editor

Coach Sharkey’s coaching genius

Kara Scambray Smith’s piece (Oct. 17) on Peter Sharkey is so perfect and reflective of a man of great wisdom. I refereed some of Peter’s basketball games and also taught with him at Hoover High School.

As a referee, I knew that I would not have to be concerned with him complaining to me; he would be busy coaching his kids. Peter was a master of basketball lessons, but he was even better at life lessons. One of his players told me that she got in trouble with Coach because she almost got a technical foul. Another player was feeling sorry for herself and Coach told her that even though she had two strikes against her because of circumstances, it was up to her to overcome them, not wallow in them and play the victim.

Peter Sharkey has been the John Wooden of the Valley.

John Volkman, Fresno