Letters to the Editor

Stop tips, pay servers living wages

A restaurant owner has decided “no” to tips after realizing that raising the cost of food on the menu to generate more profit would result in a bigger bill for the customer and presumably a bigger tip. The owner’s fear was that customers would decide to dine at restaurants with lower prices and tips.

As a diner who pays the additional gratuity of 20 percent, my thought was always that I had an invisible and uninvited guest at my dinner table because the cost of gratuity was at times almost the cost of another dinner.

If the elimination of tips results in higher profits for the restaurants, then there should be a law that all restaurant owners must eliminate tipping across the board and pay a mandatory above-poverty-level wage for all employees.

Poverty is becoming rampant, and the push for a livable minimum wage can easily begin with a “no tipping” law.

Lena Garcia, Clovis