Letters to the Editor

Carrying guns takes guts

Helen Condit’s letter (Oct. 11) praising San Francisco’s closing the last gun store speaks for itself.

Most “brave saviors” do not live in San Francisco, where there is little interest in gun ownership (similar to selling ice cream to Eskimos). Many gun owners are well-prepared to stop killers in their tracks, but we rarely hear about them because society is so heavily influenced by the anti-gun government and media.

People who carry guns are independent thinkers who care about others as well as themselves and fight to maintain the Second Amendment. If every person in a room of 10 people was carrying, and a hostile subject entered that room shooting, what are the chances of that hostile person surviving for more than a few seconds?

Lax laws, lack of parenting, drugs, etc., have created a dangerous society. If everyone was educated on gun ownership, you’d see many more of those brave saviors and much less of the dozen or so shot dead while they pleaded. Crime would decrease as people wake up and take charge of their lives instead of waiting to be victims. It also takes some guts too, which unfortunately, is likewise lacking in society today.

A.E. Lantis, Fresno