Letters to the Editor

Don’t be stubborn about mascots

I am disheartened by the current bullheadedness against changing names of derogatory team and school mascots.

Both as a state and as a nation, we have valued our melting pot image. We have striven to improve human dignity and human rights. We are not a perfect nation or perfect people, but we should strive to better ourselves and practice what we publicly preach. Alternative acceptable mascots range from the ordinary to the kooky. It’s not difficult to pick an animal (tigers, bears, wolves), achieving title (victors, archers, wizards), color-oriented themes (red flames, crimson planets, cardinal flyers), insect themes (termites, stingers), or memorable offbeat ideas (banana slugs, intrepids, horned toads, Martians).

Kerman High School recently had a Tom Hanks movie theme for their homecoming, attracting school participation, huge attendance and a personal film short from Tom Hanks. Perhaps Kerman High School can provide mascot ideas for your school.

India Ivans, Fresno