Letters to the Editor

Washington has strong women, weak men

Manhood is more caught than taught.

Fatherless men, as I’ve found with gang members, are often just guessing at manhood. They are comfortable around strong women but feel threatened by strong men. Our current Washington administration appears to be staffed with strong women and weak men. Weak men are indecisive, adverse to any risk and cower in the face of strength. Weak men stand on polls instead of principles.

Historically, a woman’s job was to provide a place of safety for her family at home, while a man’s role was to provide for as well as protect his family from outside threats. A weak man believes all is well when there is relative safety at home, regardless of mounting threats from outside. He often believes that if he talks enough, peace will reign. No evil requires force to defeat it.

Thus our allies are equipped with military gear unfit for use or with nothing at all, two daily bombing sorties are flown in Syria while Vladimir Putin orders 55, and the murderous threats of Iran and ISIS are not to be believed. Red lines become pink lines. Meanwhile America becomes the enemy of our allies and the ally of our enemies.

Roger Minassian, Fresno