Letters to the Editor

Tea party wants to sink the ship

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a protest toward England, because England imposed a tax on tea involving the colonies. Over 30 men dressed as Indians dumped several thousand pounds of tea into the ocean.

They could have blocked the ships, or seized the ships without destroying the tea, but they destroyed the tea, so no one could have it.

Now in present time, the new tea party politicians are blocking every advance being attempted for America, yet they claim they want the best for America.

At all costs, they are willing to sink the ship, and America. They are a small percentage of Americans, not the great bulk of Americans, who would spread the tea around.

They want a strong military, which most Americans want, but the tea party wants a military that is so powerful, they will focus only on how to use it, and will.

I am a Democrat but I recognize why House Speaker John Boehner resigned. The tea party is willing to sink the ship and America and Boehner will have no part.

Boehner represented America, now the question is will America represent America when voting comes around?

Glen Hurst, Fresno