Letters to the Editor

Trigger-ready teachers will have accidents

In the military security systems business, we used to “think scenarios.” Whenever I hear about good and/or bad guys with guns, I think about scenarios that might arise in the friend-or-foe world.

Most military combat scenarios involve firing weapons at foes, but some involve self-inflicted accidents, or mistakenly firing on our own troops. On balance however, soldiers at the front obviously need to carry loaded weapons. The positives totally outweigh the negatives.

People who advocate arming our teachers seem fixated on the good guy versus bad guy scenario, but seem oblivious to much more likely everyday classroom scenarios. Teachers with trigger-ready pistols can’t totally avoid accidental firings. Nor can they protect their weapons 100 percent of the time from immature, impulsive, curious, adventuresome or trouble-making students.

Yes, such scenarios would be rare. But they would be far more likely than the standard bad guy with a gun scenario. It should be crystal clear to everyone that, if we arm all teachers, the negatives will overwhelmingly outweigh the positives.

Henry D. Friedman, Sanger