Letters to the Editor

Carson knows what works

A word in defense of presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Hard-core liberals like columnist Eugene Robinson and others who use the same talking points, do not like what Carson says and feel the need to attack him. But Carson is smart enough to put two and two together, for he has experienced conservative ideals, as have quite a few people that he knows.

Carson knows what works because he has seen what does and what doesn’t. He realizes that liberty, along with less government commandments and less taxes on everyone, does better with helping people than giving stuff away and the rules and laws forcing people into a nanny state.

Dealing with one talking point: those who want to take the word of some “experts” on the holocaust, you should read one of the articles that described what happened in armed revolts at various concentration camps. Carson meant more than just a small number of armed Jews, by the way.

If there had been large numbers of armed Jews, the Nazis wouldn’t have been able to force them into the railway cars. It makes sense that armed people are not easily herded to death.

Louis Doggett, Clovis