Letters to the Editor

3 reasons Fresno is a backward city

It’s a sad fact of life, but Fresno is a laughingstock. It is an earned and deserved reputation. In this city, we take one step forward and two steps backward so often.

For instance:

▪  Fresno City Councilman Oliver Baines is now advocating that residents be allowed to leave their trash and recycling bins in plain sight. Never mind that it allows an already trashy, graffiti-ridden, gang-encouraged environment to thrive in this area.

▪  No one will listen to the pleas of caring Fresnans who beg for the banning of leaf blowers, which is a health and safety issue and doesn’t accomplish anything but blow the trash in someone else’s yard, face or in the street.

▪  Our schools and parks continue to be burglarized, destroyed and trashed, yet the ones who demand more parks and better schools are often the ones doing the destroying and are being educated in these same schools.

Poverty does not cause bad behavior but has become the main excuse for this bad behavior. Most of us did not grow up with wealth or privilege, but that was never a valid excuse to destroy and disrespect.

Joyce Bjerk, Fresno