Letters to the Editor

Don’t be vindictive, be effective with homeless

No surprise, a local politician has joined the chorus of hate from certain national candidates. First, we had the demonization of Mexican immigrants. Then we had the candidate who unconstitutionally wants to ban Muslim candidates from the presidency. Now we have a so-called leader who smears all the homeless with the word “vagrant.” Each is using the same basic tactic – get groups to fight one another, and they will never unite to fight you.

We probably cannot do much to stem the national politicos – except vote against them. We can do something about our local demagogue by exposing his arguments. He had six things to demand about the homeless. All come under the heading of whitewash laws. They don’t solve the problem, they only hide it from the public.

He, of all people, should know the only way to solve the homeless problem is by providing housing to every homeless person. That approach has worked in other cities. Let’s not let Fresno become an example of vindictiveness.

Stephen Pendleton, Visalia