Letters to the Editor

Start the search for Fresno Unified Supt. Michael Hanson’s replacement

I guess Fresno Unified School District Superintendent Michael Hanson’s “new clothes” are looking a little thin these days, if that’s possible. His four BFFs on the school board are beginning to rethink his “quid pro quo” deals with Harris Construction and even the yes-men and sycophants he surrounds himself with aren’t sure it would pass the smell test with district employees.

Always a bean-counter, Hanson has balanced the books on the backs of students and teachers for years with large class counts – but now he wants to spend big money on lawyers for upcoming trials and inquiries. Come on, Mike, you make more money than the governor. You can afford your own lawyer.

He keeps adding high-priced people to the information office to work on damage control full time. He doesn’t even make a pretense of talking about curriculum, test scores or student achievement. When he starts his comments with “Everything we’ve done is legal,” you know the end won’t be pretty or far away.

Even The Bee is willing to sell Harris Construction full-page color ads (think shiny objects) to distract the public.

It’s way past time to search for a real educator to lead this school district.

Gary Sellers, Fresno