Letters to the Editor

Who says Clinton is a frontrunner? Not me

Charles Krauthammer’s column on Oct. 16 is yet another blatant attempt to invoke a self-fulfilling prophecy of a Hillary Clinton primary win.

Officially, Clinton “won” the first debate. Officially, Clinton is still the Democrat frontrunner. Important people are saying it, so it must be true! Except for the fact that it isn’t.

Polls on cbs.com after the debate put Bernie Sanders as much as 60 percent ahead of Clinton. Some would argue that this lead is because the internet is the realm of young liberals, but even more official polls in primary states place the two neck and neck.

So why are we being told that Clinton wins, that it’s game over? Because Republicans and Clinton backers alike want it to be true, and if they can convince the young Democrats that it is, they can discourage us from voting.

The only trouble is, it’s hard to convince people they’re an isolated minority when they can reach millions of others like them from their computers. Don’t let major media get you down. #FeeltheBern

Kelsey Stout, Clovis