Letters to the Editor

Many doctors refuse Medicare patients

Robert Pear’s article (Oct. 16) does a good job of outlining cost issues of health insurance and the upcoming increase in premiums to offset that cost.

I would like to point out another equally important factor to the application of Medicare. People should be aware that many doctors are refusing to take Medicare patients.

Yes, they have a point of not wanting to accept the mandated lower charges allowed for Medicare patients compared to what they charge the regular health insurance, but the situation is now it is challenging to find a new doctor who will accept you, if they know you have Medicare. It doesn’t even matter if you have additional coverage.

If you have Medicare, many doctors will refuse to accept you. Even if you have multiple insurance coverages, just the fact you have Medicare gets you black balled in many practices. There are even some doctors closing their offices rather than continue to accept existing Medicare patients. So, even if we pay higher premiums, what are we going to do about the acceptance of Medicare to larger numbers of doctors?

Charles E. Newman, Fresno