Letters to the Editor

Police escalate race tensions

A few years ago, I had a small group of college students in my home for a visit. Two of them were young black men. All of them were bright, articulate, well groomed and respectful.

The longer we talked about the issues of the day, the year, their dreams and hopes, I had a burning question “What is it like to be a young black man in America?” I received a resounding “scary” as the answer.

I could only reply, “Yeah, I so get it. I am frightened for you.” Check this out, I told them, I am an old, white woman and police scare me, too.

With a high school diploma, 12 weeks of training and, all of a sudden, they are in law enforcement, with guns and all of the power over you and me. No maturity or real life experience, just arrogance and attitude. They are learning at our expense. If I needed the police, I am happy for their help.

America fought a Civil War to end bias and racism. Over 100 years later, we learned nothing but to repeat history again and cops are contributing greatly in escalating our tensions.

Linda Marie, Clovis