Letters to the Editor

Northwest Fresno isn’t water conscious

I take my wife to the hair salon every Friday and drive through parts of northwest Fresno to get there. We have noticed on our regular route that it doesn’t appear the residents in that section of town received the note from our mayor to reduce our water consumption to 28 percent.

So to be fair, last week when she finished, we decided to drive into some other parts of that district. The more streets we drove down, the more I was convinced that they have not realized we are in a drought. That section of town has a very large amount of wealthy people, and I don’t remember hearing the mayor say that wealthy residents are exempt from the rule of reducing the watering of their lawns.

We live in District 6 and up until last year, I had the most tailored, beautiful lawn on our block. I could see this coming, so I started cutting back the water on my lawn last year. Now my beautiful lawn is completely dead and even my back lawn is in bad shape, too. I have been using gray water on our plants since November. Let’s save our water for body consumption.

Omar Girton, Fresno