Letters to the Editor

Candidates should limit campaigns to six months, spend $1 million, rest to charity

Has the world gone crazy? I am going to have to stop reading and watching the news to save my own sanity.

To mention a few news articles in The Bee recently; Medicare costs are going up, no cost of living increase this year for Social Security recipients, water shortage in California, East Coast nearly washed away by storms, Los Angeles gets drenching rains and mudslides, warm weather complicates El Niño, basketball star found unconscious in Las Vegas brothel, and the list goes on and on.

I watch the debates and the candidates make me sick to my stomach, with their promises of “how” they will fix everything. They can start by limiting their campaigning to six months before election and their funds to $1 million for each candidate, and give the rest to charity. Think of the good these millions of dollars in campaign funds would do to help the citizens of our country. It’s not the best candidate who will win, it is the one who has the most money.

Get ready, the Lord is coming. As in the days of Noah, so goes the world.

Helen Crocker, Clovis