Letters to the Editor

Read up: Nation needs an informed electorate

If there is one thing we can glean from the first Democratic debate, it is recognizing the need to inform ourselves regarding both the candidates and issues. It is clear that a review of the Second Amendment and the reasons our founders determined it was necessary, is in order.

It would also be necessary to research the societies of Denmark and Sweden, mentioned by Sen. Bernie Sanders in the context of his socialist ideology. We may find that what works for them, would not work here, as we have too few contributors and too many takers.

We need to review the conduct of World War II, to be informed how this nation should use its military.

We need to review Hillary Clinton’s changing positions on the issues of marriage, guns and illegal immigration. This would be particularly enlightening, since what she espouses today is diametrically opposed to her positions just a few short years ago.

We need to read Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s writings and speeches in order to help us determine whose lives matter.

As a government of the people, our founders determined that in order for this nation to survive, it would require an informed electorate.

Gregory L. Bacchetti, Fresno