Letters to the Editor

Re-purpose, reuse, recycle, eat leftovers

Being an avid camper, I discovered a half pack of Fig Newtons in a metal, air/bear proof container, packed earlier in the year, at my home. The Newtons had dried out some, yet were just fine. Knowing that dried figs were a staple of roving tribes for millennium, I wondered what to do.

It was a simple matter to quarter the Newtons and add them to my dry cereal, enjoyed most mornings with fresh fruit and milk.

In these days where what was a pound of bacon is only 12 ounces and cans of tuna are only four ounces, as opposed to the former six-ounce cans (less product for the same money), I reasoned that this is an intelligent method for a family to stretch their budget.

Re-purpose, reuse, recycle. Or, simply mix your leftovers into a new meal. Just remember to discard the paper before dropping old fortune cookies into your Cheerios.

Rich Lagomarsino, Fresno