Letters to the Editor

Olivier: remember the neediest

Clint Olivier’s article (Oct. 15) is certainly food for thought. I share his anger and frustration with the Powers That Be who have done nothing to control those elements within the homeless population, which engage in lawless practices, other than to push them out of downtown and away from the services they need. On the other hand, he belongs to the Powers That Be, thus he is as guilty as those he is calling out.

He says homelessness is a temporary condition. One can only hope so. But by the time most people have sunk to this level they have lost everything – up to and including their identities (a necessary tool for job and housing). If an illness or chemical dependency is involved, the direness of the situation is compounded exponentially.

And how would reclaiming the shopping carts help anything? That is a knee-jerk reaction unworthy of adult conversation.

Mr. Olivier, while sincere, paints with a broad brush. As a professed Christian and civic leader, he should remember the neediest in the flock before condemning them.

Joel Dyer, Fresno