Letters to the Editor

Obama makes Americans feel hopeless

I find it very interesting that opinions on President Obama’s successes, while in office for seven years, can differ so much.

The letter from John Auer (Oct. 10), is unbelievable. Where has he been? Even the more liberal news have talked of the failure of Obamacare. The majority are against it.

It’s raised the health costs too high for many and some I know personally. Doctors are turning away new patients, as they are overworked and will be underpaid.

The majority of Americans desperately want the borders closed and President Obama has done nothing. The national debt has doubled to trillions more. He and Secretary of State John Kerry sold out to Iran. Having the inspectors be Iranians is so inane that it’s making America the laughing stock around the world.

Where is common sense? The loss of military leadership leaves us weakened and so vulnerable at this time.

“Courage and hope?” I believe that it’s his inability to act on the problems the U.S. has been facing that, in fact, is giving the majority of Americans reason to feel hopeless, unless we can vote into office a person who has America first in his or her beliefs and actions.

Nancy Foster, Fresno