Letters to the Editor

Blame laziness for trash problem

Regarding George Hostetter’s Oct. 9 article about Fresno’s trash bin law change: If there is a code for failing to remove one’s trash cans from sight, then it should be enforced. What exactly is wrong with that?

I see cars parked on front lawns all over the city. I guess that is also OK because code enforcement is too busy with other matters. Where does all this stop? The city already has enough blight.

If this is the best our city council can do, it is sad. The article mentions that the bill proposed by Council member Oliver Baines was merely an introduction and that adoption would come later. We can only hope that some common sense prevails and the bill is defeated.

Removing trash cans from sight does not require a Herculean effort. The problem here involves simple laziness. If people refuse to abide by the code, then a fine should follow, the same as in any other situation. Ridiculous!

Robert Greteman, Fresno