Letters to the Editor

‘Don’t you dare vote’

Yes, our president, along with the children and grandchildren of the rebellious hippies of the ’60s, are on the road not changing, but destroying America.

Wake up, sleepers! Listen to those on the street, who know nothing of our history and can’t even identify pictures of elected officials. My feeling? Don’t you dare vote.

In the ’50s, we could take off and be gone all day playing. No one worried. We even walked (oh, the horror) four blocks to school alone. Now no child is allowed to walk alone to school two blocks away.

Our language changes daily. Teachers no longer teach vocabulary or even cursive. By the way, how does one sign a check? I just heard of a class that visited an office and could not read a cursive sign.

What school ever chose a mascot of which they were not proud? Our governor and state Legislature have made us the laughing stock of the nation by banning “Redskins.”

And, as for “low-information voters,” read your history and be thankful for educated people like Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.

I could write all day! Paper wouldn’t allow number of words.

Janene Flad, Fresno