Letters to the Editor

Prejudice against Muslims is unfair

Your article on Oct. 10 about the Friday when Muslim students were released from attending class at Fresno State – and the nationwide protests about that release – demonstrates the prejudice against Muslims of too many Americans. After all, we don’t have Sunday classes at Fresno State for Christian reasons.

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, is a religion of peace and only a small minority of all those faiths practices or endorses violence against other faiths. The traditional Arabic greeting “salaam” means peace. And most devout Muslims and Christians also believe that most wars are wrong but some are justified and/or necessary. My four uncles all served in the military.

Devout Muslims are, mostly, anti-war. “Jihad” can mean spiritual striving. To take Islamic State and Boko Haram as typical of Islam is ridiculous.

I’m Catholic. To all my Muslim brothers and sisters – salaam aleikum.

Andy Hart, Fresno