Letters to the Editor

Hire an undocumented worker to be speaker of the House

The Republican Party seems to be having a problem selecting, even recruiting, a candidate for speaker of the House. It seems that this is a job no one in the United States wants and for good reason; it’s like herding cats.

I have a solution: hire an undocumented worker. They can even save money by paying minimum wage or below. Better yet, they could pay piece-work; thus, saving a ton because if you calculated this by the productive legislation of the Republican Congressional majority, it would almost be zero.

As to the question of whether the potential speaker could do “House” work, the response would be, “I would clean up the place.” Now that would be refreshing.

Of course, there may be a language problem. But really, has anyone tried to decipher what the Republican leadership has said about major issues such as health insurance, immigration, climate change or the economy?

Our country would be better off with an undocumented worker as speaker of the House, as long as he or she is not introduced to the Koch brothers.

Ron Manfredi, Madera