Letters to the Editor

NRA should help craft laws that keep guns away from criminals

In light of the American epidemic of gun violence, it is time we take our heads out of the sand and seek effective solutions. Daily the local news reports shootings. Although mass shootings make most of the headlines, many more are happening throughout our communities and most involve younger people.

Listening to the conversations, it seems most people have ideas and the desire that something be done. Taking everything into consideration, there seems be consensus that never will we be able to totally eliminate this violence, yet it can be greatly reduced through reasonable action and legislation.

Most Americans believe the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, should be preserved, yet the biggest threat to this is the National Rifle Association. Unless the NRA and gun enthusiasts want unreasonable legislation, they should be at the forefront to craft national legislation that actually has a chance of working, including getting the weapons out of the hands of criminals.

To avoid multiple background checks, licenses could be issued to own and operate guns and purchase ammunition, coupled with gun registration. Of course, the license could be revoked for the conviction of certain crimes and mental illness.

Julio Mastro, Fresno